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0 Keadaan Dalaman Bangunan Taj Mahal

Khamis, Mei 07, 2009

The interior water well
Frontal view of the Taj Mahal and dome
Close up of the dome with pinnacle
Close up of the pinnacle
Inlaid pinnacle pattern in courtyard
Red lotus at apex of the entrance
Rear view of the Taj & 22 apartments
View of sealed doors & windows in back
Typical Vedic style corridors
The Music House–a contradiction
A marble apartment on ground floor
The OM in the flowers on the walls
Staircase that leads to the lower levels 300 foot long corridor inside apartments
One of the 22 rooms in the secret lower level
Interior of one of the 22 secret rooms
Interior of another of the locked rooms
Vedic design on ceiling of a locked room
Huge ventilator sealed shut with bricks
Secret walled door that leads to other rooms
Secret bricked door that hides more evidence
Palace in Barhanpur where Mumtaz died
Pavilion where Mumtaz is said to be buried

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