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Rabu, September 18, 2013

Google Office in Zurich.

Indoor ski lift at the office.

Selgas Cano Architecture in Spain.

Kennedy in Portland.

Bahnhof in Sweden.

Pallotta Teamworks in Los Angeles.

Inventionland in Pittsburgh.

Pirate ship 

TBWA Hakuhodo in Japan.

Pixar in Emeryville, California.

BBC North in the U.K.

DreamHost in Los Angeles.

Google in Pittsburgh.

Co-Merge in San Diego.

Google Office in Tel Aviv.

Red Bull in Austria.

LEGO in Denmark.

GPT Group in Australia.

Saatchi & Saatchi in Thailand.

Google in Russia.

DTAC in Bangkok.

Three Rings in San Francisco.

Macquarie Group in Australia.

Colorful round couch at the office.

KBP West in San Francisco.

Sid Lee in Montreal.

Ogilvy & Mather in China.

Google in Zurich.

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